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 Weight loss with optional gastric band

Have you been struggling to lose weight?


Do you worry about your weight but continue with the same eating habits? Would you like to make positive choices and be more in control of your eating? 


Many people who come to see me for weight loss have tried all sorts of fad diets in a lengthy journey hoping to achieve their ideal weight. Often each new diet has been started with enthusiasm and some weight loss achieved but maintaining it becomes a struggle and this is followed by disappointment and negative feelings. In addition, the emphasis that diets place on restriction and the accompanying feelings of guilt when people lapse or eat the “wrong food” add to the pressure. This can lead to behaviour around food becoming obsessive and food sometimes even becomes seen as the enemy and the desire for food brings with it feelings of guilt and shame.


Food however is a necessary fuel for our bodies and a focus on deprivation is not helpful and can cause problems if taken to extremes. In my sessions, in addition to exploring the underlying reasons people turn to food when they are not hungry, we also put in place plans for new healthier behaviour and food choices. My aim will be for you to achieve a better relationship with food and a long term solution to weight management. Every individual is different and so, each session is unique and tailored to each client’s needs. We can also explore and develop your motivation to exercise. 


You may feel that you have tried everything – from expensive diets to gym membership and exercise equipment. Perhaps you have even considered gastric band surgery but have some concerns about undergoing surgery.  Like all surgery, it is not without risk and it isn’t pain free. Surgery can also cost thousands of pounds!


What if you could enjoy the benefits of a gastric band without the surgery and the expense?


The virtual gastric band is not a diet and doesn't involve deprivation. This weight loss hypnotherapy programme focuses on helping you to make behavioural changes for sustained weight loss. It highlights unhelpful eating habits and helps you to make changes that you can easily incorporate into your life. The virtual gastric band uses hypnosis and other psychology based techniques to help retrain your thinking about food and encourages you to feel satisfied with smaller portions.


How does the virtual gastric band work?


The hypnotherapy programme is carried out over 4 sessions. The sessions are tailored to you because we are all different. We will explore issues that may have affected your weight loss in the past and create healthier solutions appropriate for you.


 Interested in the virtual gastric band weight loss programme?


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