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Can anyone be hypnotised?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, similar to daydreaming, that anyone can experience.



What does it feel like to be hypnotised?

Hypnotic trance is generally a pleasant, relaxing experience.  It is a unique experience and people are often surprised that they hear every word and are able to speak during hypnosis if they want to.


Will I lose control in hypnosis?

No. You remain in control throughout the process and you will not be made to do anything that you don't want to do.


 Will I be asleep?

 No. A trance is a natural state and you will feel relaxed as though you are in a daydream.


Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No. You naturally go in and out of trance many times every day and can return to full wakefulness when you choose to do so.


What will happen in a hypnotherapy session?

Initially, we will start by discussing what you would like to achieve at the end of your sessions. During hypnosis I will help you to relax and work with you towards achieving your goal. After hypnosis you may be able to recall everything that happened while you were in a trance. After a hypnotherapy session people often feel uplifted, lighter and very relaxed.



How many sessions will I need?

Individual clients and their problems vary but I want to help you in the minimum number of sessions possible. There are packages for gastric band weight loss, smoking cessation and anxiety. 



 Do you work with children?

Yes. For children under 16, I request that a parent is present at all times.


Do you guarantee a result?

While I cannot guarantee results, I do guarantee that I will do my utmost to work with you to get a realistic and achievable result. Your motivation to change and participation in the process will also affect the rate of change. 


What if I'm still undecided?

If you're still unsure, you are welcome to give me a call or book a free initial consultation so that I can answer any questions you may have and we can see if I am the right therapist for you.


How much does hypnotherapy cost?


Stop smoking hypnotherapy £175


Anxiety management programme £275 


Gastric band weight loss programme £295 


What is your cancellation policy?

The full fee is payable if the appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.


Where are appointments available?

Appointments are available in Waterloo, Liverpool L22 or online using Zoom.


How do I make an appointment?

To book an appointment, please contact me on 07815912298 or by email:



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