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Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

Many smokers are aware of the long term health risks and financial burden of the smoking habit but struggle to stop smoking without help.


Why choose hypnotherapy to help you stop smoking?


Independent research has demonstrated the effectiveness of hypnosis in helping individuals become non-smokers. In 1992 the University of Iowa conducted a study of smoking cessation which was published in the New Scientist magazine. The research examined 48 studies of 72,000 people  and it was concluded that hypnosis is 3 times more effective than nicotine replacement and 15 times more successful than will-power. Unlike other treatments, hypnosis deals with the underlying reasons why you smoke and helps you to kick the habit.


How much will you save as a non-smoker?


As well as the significant health benefits from becoming a non-smoker, you will be better off financially. Smoking 20 a day can cost £70 or more a week or £3,650 a year (based on £10 for 20 cigarettes). What could you spend that on?


What happens in the session?


As soon as you have made your appointment you have taken your first step towards becoming a non-smoker. In the session we will explore your smoking history, thoughts, beliefs and attitudes towards smoking. I will use a blend of hypnosis, NLP and CBT techniques to help you to change your mindset around your smoking habit. In just one session you could kick the habit and become a non-smoker. Occasionally, people feel that they would like further sessions to deal with underlying concerns. 


How much does it cost?


A stop smoking hypnotherapy programme costs £175.


What next?


Its time to change, become a non-smoker and enjoy a healthier body and bank balance. If you are ready to become a non-smoker I look forward to seeing you soon. 


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