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Gastric band hypnotherapy for weight loss

Have you been struggling to lose weight?


You may feel that you have tried everything – from expensive diets to gym membership and exercise equipment. Perhaps you have even considered gastric band surgery but have some concerns about undergoing surgery.


What is gastric band surgery?


The surgeon places a band around the upper part of your stomach to create a small pouch to hold food. This pouch can only hold a small amount of food and so it makes you feel full more quickly. Like all surgery, it is not without risk and it isn’t pain free. Surgery can also cost thousands of pounds!


What if you could enjoy the benefits of a gastric band without the surgery and the expense?


What is the Hypno-Band weight loss system?


The aim of the system is to use a combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques to help you to make the behavioural changes desired for sustained weight loss. Using the virtual gastric band under hypnosis allows your subconscious mind to behave as though your stomach is smaller with less capacity for food.


The process is carried out over 4 sessions. In the initial sessions the main focus is on addressing the psychological reasons underlying your eating habits and finding solutions that are right for you. We will, for example, look at snacking, portion size and healthy eating. As we move through the programme you are prepared for the virtual gastric band under hypnosis. In the final 2 sessions the virtual gastric band is fitted and adjusted to suit you. Throughout the process, the sessions are tailored to your needs.


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